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powerful than the republican party. plus this -- >> i want to really offer my thanks to everyone in the world. all of the governments. >> held for one year, a u.s. hiker leaves iran and reveals a message to iran's president on her way out. and then doctors helpless and drugs not working. a new super bug threat growing in the united states. it's origin, and the states that are getting hit. hello, everyone. i'm richard lui in for chris jansing at nbc headquarters. we have two breaking stories i want to share with you first. take you to tennessee where an explosion there at a plant that makes flairs for the military. that is toone in tennessee. it's about 75 miles due east of memphis, if you're familiar with that area. this is in the southwest part of the state. it's unclear, according to the latest information that we've got in terms of how many people have been hurt. we have been listening to local affiliate. it's reporting multiple
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ambulances and helicopters were sent to the scene. we hope to get the pictures for you very soon. stay with us. we'll monitor that and get you the latest information. we're also watching this breaking story from amsterdam. we go to where a u.s. pilot was arrested as -- an intoxicated american pilot is what we're talking about is he was preparing to take off with a passenger jet there. the pilot, his name and airline have not been released. police are saying he's a 52-year-old cap on the from woodbury, new jersey. he was arrested after a breath test found he had a blood alcohol content of 0.023. that's a hair over the country's very tough legal limit and above the faa's limit to fly. the captain was fined $900 and released. the flight was canceled. we have two stories. amsterdam as well tennessee that we're going to follow for you. now to the top stories now. it is primary day in seven states and the district of
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columbia. from new hampshire to wisconsin, from massachusetts to rhode island, voters go to the polls for the last time before the general election on november 2nd. now a lot of attention today is focused on this man and woman. it is the battle over joe biden's old senate seat. congressman mike castle facing a potential huge upset by teaparty favorite christine o'donnell. nbc's news deputy political director mark murray joins me live from washington. the republican party in delaware is now running in 2008 robo call from o'donnell's campaign. let's listen to that first.
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>> those are the criticisms here, mark. but you know she's running neck and neck in this race right now. but the real question if she does come out with a win in the primary, can she win in november? that's the big question. that's the reason why establishment groups like the delaware republican party are airing that robo call in delaware. it's very unusual for a political party, particularly a state political party to get involved in a primary like we're seeing hair. but clearly republicans realize from here in washington, d.c. to delaware that o'donnell doesn't give them as good of a chance to win in november as castle does. he's been an elected leader in delaware for a long time. he's been a member of congress for a long time. . delaware is a blue state that barack obama easily won in 2008. that joe biden was able to win easily in 2008 as well when he was running for senate. so.
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you have to realize here that republicans feel christine o'donnell doesn't give them as good of a chance in the fall. >> what is happening among these states where we are seeing a strong tea party candidate? >> it's a dynamic playing every from from kentucky, nevada. the establishment in republican primaries have had a very hard time against the outsiders. one thing the tea party movement has given the republican party, one benefit has been enthusiasm. one huge advantage the republicans have going into the fall. on the other hand you could make the case that the candidates who have emerged from the primaries aren't as strong of general election candidates as the republicans might hope for. however, if it is a big wave election, as we have seen, it's very possible that someone like
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sharron angle could win in nevada. it's possible that ken buck could win in colorado. this has been an unusual and unpredictable election cycle so far. >> we'll have to see how they may be able to work together as we get closer to the midterms here. of course, it will all be seen after today and in coming months. thanks for stopping by. appreciate it. president obama back in the classroom today delivering remarks to students in philadelphia in what the white house described as a nonpolitical event. he urged the kids to stay focus and dream big while letting them know their country is counting on them. take a listen. >> when students around the world in beijing, china or india are working harder than ever and doing better than ever, your success in school is not just going to determine your success, it's going to determine america's success in the 21st
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century. >> after the controversy over whether he was pushing his political agenda during last year's speech, this year's version was viewed by officials before they showed it in the classroom. the other major story we've been watching this day, u.s. hiker sarah shourd is in oman right now. a free woman today after spending more than 13 months in an iranian prison. three or four hours ago we were still watching for the development. the associated press says she was cut loose after a $500,000 bail was paid. just into us, the first words from shourd as a free woman after more than a year in captivity. take a listen to this. >> i want to really offer my thanks to everyone in the world. all of the governments, all of the people who have been involved. and especially i want to particularly address president ahmadinejad and all the iranian officials, the religious leaders and thank them for this
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humanitarian gesture. >> the ap reports shourd's mother says her daughter was denied treatment for a breast lump and precancer of cervical cells. and for fattal and bauer, it will be extended for three months. now it is night fall in tehran. ali, if you could walk us through the health problems she's facing. we're just getting this video in of her. she looks somewhat emaciated here. >> that's right. when her mother came to visit her in may and there was a press conference with her and the two male colleagues, they all looked tired. a yeesh in an iranian jail had taken a toll on them. at that time sarah complained of
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medical problems. afterwards her mother mentioned she examed her. she had a lump on her breast. she had a precancerous cervical cells. there was a lot of concerns about her well being. now she'll probably get the medical attention and the doctors she needs. >> as we watch the developments of this story, so they have now released her. we have these pictures. there's still two more that remain behind. take us a step back. why is iran doing this? what do they get from releasing shourd based on the not so good relations with the united states? >> there seems to be a few reasons. firstly humanitarian reasons. chef was unwell. she needed medical attention. iran has been under the spotlight recently for humanitarian issues and has been under intense pressure. president ahmadinejad probably
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wants to soften iran's image. this is a step towards that effort. >> ali arouzi, thank you so much for that. we're right in the thick of hurricane season, and we're watching two different storms as they churn in the atlantic. kind of stirring up the waters there. first we have this. hurricane igor already the most powerful storm of the season. and quite large to boot. plus hurricane julia is right behind igor picking up speed. chris warren is here with the details. where are these storms headed? we have some good news in that we don't expect it to hit the united states, right? >> we do have two hurricanes. we have one other area we are keeping an eye on. let's take a look here. this is igor right there. that's your category 4 hurricane. then out here, this is julia. category 1. then there's this other area right in here.
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it looks like potentially by the end of the day that could be karl. we're going to keep a close eye on that. back to the good news here. it looks like all of these areas will be going away, or not all the way to the u.s. keeping an eye on that lull again. it could become karl. then igor, once we get into the weekend, a question mark. at this point the best thought is it will stay away from the u.s. >> chris warren, thank you for that. next on msnbc, a new super bug that's impervious to drugs is spreading across the world. and into the united states. doctors are helpless in fighting it. >> i'm thankful to be alive. without him i wouldn't be here. >> a football player brought back from the dead on the playing field talks about fate. it's an interview you'll be glad you saw. plus, sex in the city. find out which americans are having the most sex.
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breaking news that we're watching out of tennessee. we take you live to the chopper c cam. this is in toone, tennessee. 75 miles west of mem fils. this is what we understand since we last toad you about that from our affiliate there. emergency officials responding to an apparent explosion this afternoon at a flair company. sources are saying here that multiple ambulances and four medical helicopters were sent to
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the scene of this explosion. take a very wide bird's eye view. this is probably in the area. a spokesperson told our affiliate there was no comment as of yet. the company's website says the company supplies decoy flairs for the military. and tennessee emergency management, this as they zoom in and readjust the focus, an agency spokesman in nasa said there was a flash fire at the plant. it looks like they're having a transmission problem. we want to give you live pictures out of tennessee when we get more understand about the injuries, about how great of a fire this is, we'll have it here for you. a federal judge in florida is holding a series of hearings today. he expects to dismiss portions of the lawsuit, but he's likely to let others go to trial.
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this suit has been found by the state of florida along with 19 other states. the judge says he'll issue a ruling by october 14th. health officials now say that u.s. citizens in three different states have been hit with infections resistant to nearly all antibiotics. the illnesses are known as super bugs. in addition to the three u.s. cases in these states here, there are also reports of two cases in canada. an unknown number in india as well. we have the commander of disease control and prevention. we say superbug. can you describe what we're talking about in this situation? what is this? >> definitely, richard. i appreciate the opportunity to be with you here. i think it's important to put the problem that's being described currently in some of these articles into perspective.
3:17 pm
many are about something called the mdm-1. there have been only three cases of this mdm-1 reports in the united states. they were reported back in june of this year. they've been investigated. as far as we're aware there are no additional cases. what we are much more concerned about is a cousin of the mdm known as kpc, which is an organism that is present in health care facilities in the united states. it's been described in more than 30 states. it's something relatively uncommon in most places right now. but it is very resis tentd to antibiotics. it's difficult to treat. aggressive action right now can
3:18 pm
help control the spread of this organism, this kpc organism that we are seeing in the united states. >> commander, we have about 45 seconds. i have lots of questions for you here. what does this new superbug do to people, children versus adults, for instance? >> so the infections are difficult to treat. and the types of it can cause a vartd variety of types of infections. they are ready diagnosed in microbiology labs. what we want to emphasize from the patient's perspective is we need to focus on preventing the infections. >> but what are they actually doing to people? >> they cause infections that are very difficult to treat with antibiotics. >> so colds, is that what we're talking about? >> no, and that's a good point. these are infections that we see almost exclusive by within health care facilities, usually in patients who have catheters in their blood and they get bacteria in their blood or catheters in the urine and they get the bacteria in the urine.
3:19 pm
this is not something that we see causing colds or infections outside of health care facilities. these are challenges in health care facilities that need to be prevents, but not something we see outside of health care facilities. >> thank you very much. we have to go. we're short on time. we have to be concerned about washing hands and taking eabe i antibiotics. this super bug causing a lot of concern. commander giving us some information that will help to calm us. it hasn't been this bad since richard nixon was president. i'm talking about the large number of vacancies for judges in the united states. why the delay in nominating them? is the delay purely politics? pete will yms investigates that for us. plus his wife and two daughters were brutally raped and murdered. now a father takes the witness stand and relives this horrific nightmare. will he finally get the justice
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the gavel has been missing from the block these days with 102 out of 854 total judicial seats vacant. just yesterday president obama renominated five justices whose candidacies were stalled by roadblocks from the republicans. less than half of the president's nominees have been confirmed. that's the lowest rate since the nixon administration. >> i have people who have been waiting for six months to get confirmed who nobody has an official objection to, and who were voted out of committee unanimously, and i can't get a vote on them. >> that from the president's recent press conference. pete williams joins me now from washington, d.c. why the delay in these nominations?
3:24 pm
>> some democrats would say the president's point was made by the senate when it confirm ad federal judge for the sixth circuit court of appeal. the vote was 71 to 21. the nomination was languish manager the senate for ten months before they voted on it. the democrats say the republicans are slow rolling the nominations just as the president said. but republicans point sout with some justification that the president has been slow in sending nominations to the senate. he's been much less aggressive in doing this, for example, than president bush was, a previous president bush, who made it a significant process of his presidency. president obama has not shown the same zeal for that, something they're surprised about given the fact that he knows the law better than president bush did, was a constitutional scholar, had more interest in the courts. but the numbers tell the story for whatever the reason.
3:25 pm
we have 103 vacancies. it's about one out of every eight. it's the slowest nomination process and condition fir nation process. slower than either the bush administration. slower than clinton. slower than carter. slower than reagan. >> seven out of eight nominations not going through here. why does mr. and mrs. jones care about this? what does this mean to the cases they may be interested in? about half of the president's nominations have been voted on. they've acted on 41 out of 87. it's about half so far. but it means the federal courts work much more slowly. if you have a case in the federal court. if there's a big lawsuit that you're part of, it's going to take a lot longer for judges to get around to them in places where there are the vacancies. in half the vacancies the judiciary considers emergencies because they've been spend pending so long. the female tv reporter at
3:26 pm
the sexual harassment scandal. the nfl and the new york jets both say they're looking into how sainz was treated in the locker room when she went to interview quarterback mark sanchez. today she told tamron hall she was surprised of the criticism. >> in my nine years experience of career, that i'm not prepared to dress or do my job. i do over 250 interviews one-on-one with the best players in the world. i i'm very respected in europe and spain in italy and mexico for my job. i was building my image for all those years. i use the same style. i don't see the problem. >> now sainz said she did not feel threatened or harassed in the jets locker room. she does not plan to sue. the but the behavior was sun acceptable. up next, lady gaga tweets
3:27 pm
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take the scary out of life with travelers. call or click now for an agent or quote. here is your cnbc market wrap. let's look at the stock market right anyway. gains across the board. the dow jones up 21 points. gold hit an all time record growth today. over $1,270. aig is making efforts to pay back the money it borrowed during the wall street crisis. agi received bailout funds totalling over $132 billion. it's expected to begin repaying $101 billion the first half of next year.
3:31 pm
lego lost a legal bet l in europe today. the lego could no longer exclaim exclusive rights to the popular toy bricks. this is a major crickvictory fo competing toy brand. >> we all love legos, my friend. appreciate that. here's a look at stories making headlines this tuesday with those. the twitter universe is abuzz after an exchange between senate majority leader harry reid and of all people, lady gaga. she says gay veterans were my dates. call harry reid to schedule senate vote. senator reid fired back with his own tweet here saying, quote, there is a vote on this next week. anyone qualified to serve this country should be allowed to do so. and who says politicians aren't cool? an atlanta man at the center of
3:32 pm
2007 scare. attorneys said health officials made his medical condition public to get more funding to fight the disease. you may remember this story. he was the first u.s. citizen quarantined by the federal government since 1963 after flying to europe for a wedding despite being infected with a dug-resistant strain of tuberculosis. today today william petitt took the stand against steven hayes, one of two parole burglars accused of torturing him and his family in 2007. he was tied up and beaten unconscious with a baseball bat, but one could imagine, that was nothing compared to the pain that he felt when heed of his family's fate. his wife and 11 and 17-year-old daughters killed. two of them sexually assaulted. and his house burned to the ground as well with all three of them inside.
3:33 pm
nbc's jess rossen has been watching him in connecticut during the trial. i understand a juror has just asked to be excused. what's the latest on that? >> reporter: highly bizarre situation. here we are in day two of the very highly charged, very gruesome murder trial. and the juror tells the judge i don't like the way the prosecution is presenting the case. i'm confused by the exhibits. i want to leave. this video just in. we tried to speak with that juror outside of court. he says he can't keep his oath. he said he can't be fair. so he was excused. now an alternate has been put on a jury. he didn't say much. he said he doesn't want to talk. he's probably allowed to talk because he's no longer a part of the case. dr. william petitt was on the stand today. emotional testimony about he was tied by his wrists and his legs upstairs as his family was
3:34 pm
tortured and later killed downstairs. at one point he heard thumping and screaming. he screamed down and heard one of the defendants scream back, he said, don't worry, this will all be over in a couple of minutes. this is a case from three years ago. you can see the family portrait there. middle of the night. family is sleeping in a beautiful upscale suburban neighborhood here in connecticut. two men break in, according to prosecutors, steven hayes is on trial now and another man who will go on trial next. they tied the family up, tortured them. had the wife drive to the bank the next day and take out $15,000, telling her everything will be okay if you give us the money. she gave them the money, but all wasn't okay. he later killed, after raping the wife. the defense admits to that. and then burnt the house down, killing the two girls who died of smoke inhalation. the two daughters. the defense admits, yes, our compliant raped and killed
3:35 pm
jennifer hawk-pettit, but they say this is a robbery gone bad. a robbery that went out of control. so he shouldn't be given the death penalty. he should be given life in prison. both defendants have told prosecutors we'll plead guilty if you take the death penalty off the table. prosecutors said, no, we have such an airtight case we want to go after the death penalty. here we are on trial on day number two. the bombshell with the juror saying he wants to leave. >> it shakes you to the core. this as we know that the doctor has to go through this entire thing again listening to the testimony. i know you'll be watching that case for us in connecticut. california goocandidate has apologized to former president clinton. he called out brown for raising taxes during his last stint as governor. that led to brown making these
3:36 pm
comments about clinton. meg whitman she stops at nothing. she's even got clinton lying about me. that's right. >> democrat against fellow democrat. brown saying whitman should take the ad down. a spokesperson says they standby that ad. since we're in the silly season. tea party candidates have been flexing their political muscle this political season and could be on the the verge of another victory of today's primary in delaware. freedom works held an event in washington with a theme closely tied to the book, give us
3:37 pm
liberty. written by the chairman of freedom works, mr. army. he is also the former republican congressman and house majority leader. he joins us live from washington. thanks for being here with us today. so what is the tea party manifesto? >> well, this book is about who these folks are, hwhere they coe from, how they get to be such an extremely influential important force in the election cycle, what they want from the government, and how legitimate they are against all the silly irresponsible allegations made about them. >> chairman, if you could, many people are familiar with the gop platform, but maybe not the manifesto or the tea party. what is the difference between the tea party and the republican party? >> well, we want a constitutionally limited small government that is responsible of taxpayers dollars. you cannot suggest the republican party has been
3:38 pm
careful with how they've spent people's money in recent years. we think the republican party is capable of rehabilitating itself to be in the responsible party of government. we need to encourage them and force them to move in that direction. we want respect for the constitution. we want the government to leave their hands off commerce. no more bailouts. there's no need for this horrible spending that threaten the nation with insolvency. we look to the republican party to once again become the party of responsible restraint and limited government. >> chairman, because that's some of the fiscal policy from the tea party. let's talk social policy. i'll give you a list of different issues. if you could say one of two things. favor or don't favor. hang with me on this one. first off, abortion being legal. favor or don't favor? >> there are all kinds of points of view within this group of people. i couldn't speak with them on this issue.
3:39 pm
>> tax cuts for wealthy? >> tax cuts period. tax cuts for the growth of the economy. >> naifr. >> gay marriage? >> again, i don't know anybody that speaks about it. there's so much diversity in the program. i'm sure there's multiplicity of attitudes and opinions. >> so neither favor nor not favor. unions? >> only in so far as they repress the performance of the economy and inflate the the cost of product. >> three more for you, earmarks. >> earmarks, we're hard against them. we think that's a political use of the taxpayer's money for disreputable purposes. >> don't favor it. complete repeal of health care. the health care reform bill, kpe. >> absolutely. >> eliminate the department of education. favor or not favor? >> i don't think there's much of an opinion on that. there is a big thrust for school choice. and the opportunity for
3:40 pm
participants to have a chance to use their money to put their children in better schools if the public schools are letting them down, as we've seen here in d.c. >> all right, the tea party not much more than a year and a half old. we have dick armey, the chairman there. giving us background in terms of what the tea party stands for. thanks for your time today. thanks for having me. the largest sale of u.s. weapons ever. find out who the pentagon wants to sell $60 billion worth of arms to. it's no secret women are smarter than men, but now, hey, guys, we got some proof you may want to run for the doors here. get ready for the fastest three minutes of news. ♪
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we will sell saudi arabia. many other weapons that will one day be used against us.
3:44 pm
planning ahead. thinking ahead. that was jay leno on the tonight show poking fun at the obama administration's plan to sell $60 billion worth of arms to saudi arabia. is it really funny? or are there questions that need to be asked about armying an arab nation at the heart of the middle east at the same time the united states is hoping to restart peace talks between israel and the palestinians while avoiding a confrontation with iran. the "wall street journal" reporting the deal includes a package of 84 brand new f-15 fighter jets with upgrades for 70 more. add to that 72 blackhawk helicopters. 70 apache helicopters. and 36 little bird helicopters. plus $30 billion to upgrade the navy, with all that on the menu,
3:45 pm
we have to go to cloolonial jacobs. you have done a lot. thank you so much for being here on this. is this good for u.s. national security? >> well, some will argue and they're probably right in many senses that a strong, stable, saudi arabia, a long-time ally is in the best interest of the united states and the best interest of security in the region. turn saudi arabia loose. make them look like they're not being supported anymore, and we'll have more problems than we would otherwise have. there's a good argument that we're supposed to supply them with arms. >>some folks say saudi arabia is neither for nor against the united states. >> that's part of it, too. they're definitely for us. they also pay protection to the bad guys by funding around the world to preach hate, teach hate about the united states. . i'm reminding of the observation
3:46 pm
of winston churchill about chamberlin. he says, you know what an appea appea appeaser is. somebody who feeds a crocodile hoping he'll get eaten last. in certain respects that's what saudi arabia is doing. >> is this all about oil? protection of it? >> part of it is. part of it is about oil. to protect the oil. to make sure that we have an ally in the region who who has lots of oil. so it's vitally important to do that from that standpoint as well. anybody who says it's not about oil doesn't know what he's talking about. anybody who says it's only about oil doesn't know what he's talking about. >> there's a lot of great space about. this clone yoel, thank you so much. we have video in just in to msnbc. sarah shourd arriving in oman.
3:47 pm
we had video of her speaking for the first time as a free woman. we get this video of her arriving in oman. she was held for a year. we will follow her trip as she makes it back to the united states. up next we'll hear from the high school football player who was life was saved by a strange ner the stands. plus, a strange sight at a tennessee titans game. a mascot gobbles up a cheerle cheerleader. ith themselves. are we going up? we can get the next one. i'd like to get your advice on hedging - risk... exposure. what makes us different? for 300 years we've chosen to focus on our clients. what a novel idea.
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to breaking news this hour. 9:50 in france, we take you to paris, where the eiffel tower has been evacuated. they have cleared the landmark and surrounding park. also about 25,000 people were in that area at the time, but left calmly shortly after 2100 local
3:51 pm
time. about 9:00 local time. happened about 50 minutes ago. just dweting this getting this information about the tower and park being evacuated. they were moved to the banks of the nearby river there and police with sniffer dogs are carrying out a search of the area and now, nbc news, i'm just hearing, has confirmed the evacuation. there was a bomb alert in this area. 25,000 people taken out of the area. just some facts and figures for you of that eiffel tower. about 1,000 feet tall, a lattice tower. when we think of france, this is what we think of. it was built in 1889 about 120 years ago. it is certainly one of the world's most popular tourist attractions. these are live pictures. these are file pictures of that
3:52 pm
landma landmark. again, the bbc telling us this has been evacuated. we'll be looking into what type of bomb this might be. as we get more information and what's coming in here to msnbc news as well as nbc, we'll have that data for you as we understand that the 25,000 people have been move today a close by area in the banks next to the river that runs right by the eiffel tower, the eiffel tower which is right there in paris. police having to clear that because of a warnings they had heard. it's a good thing from what we're hearing according to police is that they left calmly, right about 55 minutes ago. 55 minutes ago is when this happened and moving 25,000 people at this time of the evening where it's most likely dark, we're looking of course at file pictures of what is known of being a very beautiful iron
3:53 pm
lattice work that sits about 1,000 feet tall and is certainly something you will recognize when you think of france and paris. again, what we're hearing according to the bbc and nbc, that it has been evacuated, police clearing that landmark and surrounding area, so that is a fair lly large area, then movg those evacuated to an area close by. what they've done to try to determine what is happening, police there have moved in sniffer dogs and they're trying to carry out a search of the area, so basically, what that means is we don't know what kind of bomb, where the location is, and so we'll be listening to that. we're going to go to our producer in paris, nancy yang, who's been watching this story. what do you know at this moment? >> at this moment, about 25,000
3:54 pm
people of the parameters of the eiffel tower and garden have been evacuated, pushed away from the eiffel tower. the police and bomb squads are on site and searching the eiffel tower to see if there's any truth to the call they received at 2020 local this time about a bomb alert, there was a possibility of a bomb there. so we don't know very much more. >> now, do we know how they were notified about this bomb threat? how this bomb alert came about? >> well, the only thing we know at this point is that authorities received a telephone call at 8:20 p.m. paris local tonight saying that there was a bomb planted in the eiffel tower. we don't know any more about it. if it's true or not. then immediately, the authorities were alerted and the
3:55 pm
whole area is sealed off. i can see the eiffel tower from my terrace. it's still beautiful. around the eiffel tower, it is the most popular tourist spot in paris. there are 25,000 people there tonight. still visiting the tower and the surrounding areas and they've been pushed back. >> since you have that view from your office, nbc's bureau there in paris, can you see people around the area? since you can't see the eiffel tower, you've been telling us they've been evacuate d and, ca you see where they're going? >> well, you can't see them because they've been pushed so far back because if you visited paris, the eiffel tower is in the center of paris and it is surrounded by large gardens, so the whole garden area has been evacuated, so people have been probably pushed back easily like half a mile back.
3:56 pm
>> nancy, stay with us. i want to recap what we've learned in about the last eight minutes. it's coming close to 10:00 p.m. local time. the eiffel tower of paris has been evacuated. there was a bomb alert there. they've moved 25,000 people to surrounding areas. we have heard that the officer we had the opportunity to speak with is saying that an alert was phoned in or the discovery of a suspicious package. nancy ing is live there in paris, france. she can see the eiffel tower from her window. we're going to go back to her and get you the information coming into msnbc and nbc news. dylan ratigan will be next with the latest on this. his day sts with his arthritis pain. that's breakfast with two pills. the morning is over, it's time for two more pills. the day marches on, back to more pills.
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